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Now you should Ask me what is high quality natural backlink .High quality natural backlink has some  characteristics such as 
Number 1 .  A backlink from niche relevant website

Suppose you have a  website is on car repair niche . So you must need backlinks from car related websites 

Number 2 .  A backlink from high quality informative article

Again you have a  website  on car repair niche . So you need to get backlinks from  user engaging and informative article which explains about car related issues  .

Number 3 .  A backlink from high DA website

DA or Domain Authority is a matrix by moz.com which explains the reputation of a website . So A backlink from high DA  website is really a powerful backlink than thousand of unnatural spammy links .

Number 4 .  A backlink without footprints ( Such as ,Email name , Author bio etc )

Search engine loves natural backlink so  there is no chance to put any kind of footprints to make each backlink looks natural .

Number 5 . A backlink from minimum traffic website

A Real website must have minimum traffic so you need to get backlinks from minimum traffic websites .

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